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Guardian Bullmastiffs 
With their family's 
Thought I would drop you a note, as we approach Peaches first birthday next month. Let me start off by saying she is so great!  

She is about 80 lbs right now, so has a bit of a way still to grow. Honestly she is kind of a big chicken, but super loving, super friendly and so sweet, and she goes on alert if she thinks one of the family is possibly threatened or needing assistance. - My wife Shannon slipped and fell in the kitchen the other day and Peach went into “protect mode” when she saw it happen, and made sure Shannon was safe until she got up and assured her she was. 
We can’t say enough how great she is and what an awesome addition is to our family.  

He's fitting in perfect. . Plays kisses. Hugs then sleeps
Bridget at 21 lbs. playing with Twilight out back. She's an amazing dog with an incredible personality. Thank you for my best friend.
Here is Lilly today. From the Torres Family.
Hunky. He is doing well! He loves being with our boxer and played quite a bit outside with the kids. He is fitting right in... We love him so much. Here is a pic of him sleeping earlier today
It shocked me from day one how they played together. Ginger was all over Bronn but he knew just how hard he could play with her. (Bronn & Ginger 1/2 sister.
We got Jake from you about 8-9 months ago and just wanted to give you an update. He's doing amazing and such a great fit to our family. These pics were from last weekend.